Raising Monkeys

Motherhood is something I have always dreamed of, and excitedly anticipated. I was the girl who played with dolls long after my friends had moved past them. Barbie was never my thing; I liked babies. I was still asking for them for my birthday when I was 10 or 11.

Dolls were special to me. They all had names. And I cared for them like my little children. I remember asking to take them places with me when I was very young. The rule was the dolls could go with me, but they’d have to stay in the car when I got out. I never thought that was very fair, but looking back if I had lost or left one of my dolls some where that would have been worse… so now we enforce the same “it stays in the car” rule with our own kiddos.

When i moved away to attend Sul Ross State University, twelve long hours away from my family, I took a job working in a day care. I asked to work with 2 year olds. Those sweet (crazy, wild, rambunctious) little children became a sort of life line for me. I so looked forward to seeing their excitement when I walked in carrying their favorite story book. I loved the hugs, and cuddles. They were like a tiny piece of family away from home. (I miss those kids now. I sure wish I knew what happened to all my Red Room squirts.)

After getting married in June of 2011, we knew there were some crazy months ahead and decided not to start a family for a while. Those months turned out even crazier than we’d ever guessed! When Brandon took a job 9 hours across the state from our families, starting a family was the last thing on our mind. He needed a job, and we basically followed the money, before we ran smooth out of cash (it got reeeeally close to that!)

After we settled down some Brandon came to me and asked if I thought we were ready for kids. I was thrilled. When we found out little Gracie was coming several months later, I was so excited! I asked over and over for days “is this real?!” Brandon would smile and say “I’m pretty sure it is.”

Having children is such a joy to me. But, it’s also a real job. I stay home with my kids. I love it, but I assure you, it is no picnic. Maintaining my sanity alone is enough to keep most people busy! (Which is probably why I do such a terrible job of staying sane!)

I hope to share some of our fun, crazy, exhausting, sometimes disheartening adventures in parenthood here.