New Things

My husband recently asked me to stop buying sweets, to help him loose a little weight. I just went to the grocery store, so there were sweets in the house already. I decided to put them away rather than eat them before I begin “not buying sweets.” Pop-tarts have been a breakfast staple around here for a while and they were the first to be stashed. Today I got busy making a slightly healthier alternative breakfast. Here’s what I did:

First, I put a small dot of butter in the bottom of each of cup in 2 12 count muffin tins. And placed the tins in a 350° oven, to melt the butter.

Use your imagination to insert picture here…

I have 3 kids. Taking pictures of every step did not happen.

Next, I scrambled some eggs. I really don’t know how many, because several were double yolked. I’m guessing it equaled about 9 or 10 eggs. I just scrambled the same way I normally do with a splash of milk, and seasoned with salt and pepper. By the time they were scrambled the butter was melted; this served to grease the muffin cups to keep the eggs from sticking. I then poured just a little (maybe 2-3 Tablespoons) of the scrambled eggs into each muffin cup and returned the pans to the oven.

Use your imagination again, it’s good for your brain.

While the eggs cooked, I started making biscuits. I used our family’s favorite recipe, that usually makes about 14 biscuits. But I rolled it out thinner so I could get 24, 2 inch biscuits. Of course, this meant they were thinner, but that worked out well in the end.

Imagine my model awful hands rolling out beautiful dough.

By the time the biscuits were ready to be baked the eggs were done. And while the biscuits cooked I was able to spoon out 24 perfect, little round scrambled egg disks.


Tada! The kids were eating lunch and I took a picture of the eggs!

Ok, so now I have 24 egg disks, and 24 biscuits baking, the next ingredient is bacon. I admit to cheating this time. The only bacon in the house was a box of pre-cooked. That saved a step, and I just had to tear each piece in half. Cooking fresh bacon, or sausage patties would be another option. Adding cheese would be another option, but I want to skip those calories this time.


Even better — by this step the kids were laying down for naps! Whoohoo!

Now this is the fun (easy) part. Just open each biscuit, put a egg disk, and a piece of bacon in there, put the top back on and presto — Breakfast Sandwich!


Yum! Can’t say it has way fewer calories than a pop-tart, but at least it isn’t straight sugar.

And there you go, just continue making these little cuties until they are all made and looking scrumptious, then wrap them individually in plastic wrap, freeze them to make the biscuits hard, toss em all in a zip-lock baggie in the freezer; then just grab and reheat for breakfast. I planned on 2 biscuits as a breakfast, so I have 12 “servings” here.


Yum, yummy.

These are also a great money saver, for us. We have chickens so the eggs were free, and home made biscuits are super cheap to make. Here’s hoping hubby likes them!


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