Pregnancy Is:

Pregnancy is:

  • kiwi scented shampoo that smells good; and kiwi scented conditioner that smells like paint.
  • falling asleep at inopportune times, like at red lights (okay, so I haven’t ACTUALLY done that, just close.)
  • smelling an empty cardboard box and REALLY wanting pizza.
  • loving the flavor of lemon, but not being able to eat it without throwing up.
  • getting aerobic exercise by doing simple things like putting on socks and underwear.
  • getting sick from not eating; or getting sick from eating too much.
  • over the top excitement for 2 weeks, then 7 months of wondering if you will be a good mom for the baby.
  • the floor getting much, much lower.
  • smelling the lady who bathed in perfume from 3 isles over.
  • worrying about labor, but being excited to get to that day.
  • outgrowing even the stretchy pants.
  • counting the other baby bumps you pass in town.
  • wearing shirts that can pull up over your nose when you inevitably have to use a public bathroom.
  • peeing 3 gallons for every 6 ounces you drink.
  • taking a month to pick out the perfect girl name; while your husband still insists you’re really having a boy.
  • not sleeping because you dread not sleeping.
  • trying to figure out which toddler toys you can get rid of to make room to drag the baby toys back out.
  • loving someone you have never seen — who is currently kicking your ribs.
  • an adventure.

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