Pregnancy Is:

Pregnancy is:

  • kiwi scented shampoo that smells good; and kiwi scented conditioner that smells like paint.
  • falling asleep at inopportune times, like at red lights (okay, so I haven’t ACTUALLY done that, just close.)
  • smelling an empty cardboard box and REALLY wanting pizza.
  • loving the flavor of lemon, but not being able to eat it without throwing up.
  • getting aerobic exercise by doing simple things like putting on socks and underwear.
  • getting sick from not eating; or getting sick from eating too much.
  • over the top excitement for 2 weeks, then 7 months of wondering if you will be a good mom for the baby.
  • the floor getting much, much lower.
  • smelling the lady who bathed in perfume from 3 isles over.
  • worrying about labor, but being excited to get to that day.
  • outgrowing even the stretchy pants.
  • counting the other baby bumps you pass in town.
  • wearing shirts that can pull up over your nose when you inevitably have to use a public bathroom.
  • peeing 3 gallons for every 6 ounces you drink.
  • taking a month to pick out the perfect girl name; while your husband still insists you’re really having a boy.
  • not sleeping because you dread not sleeping.
  • trying to figure out which toddler toys you can get rid of to make room to drag the baby toys back out.
  • loving someone you have never seen — who is currently kicking your ribs.
  • an adventure.

One of THOSE Days

It’s been one of those days. You know the ones, where everything you touch gets messed up. Where your day is just one frustration after another. I have so had one of those days. I even managed to mess up taking a nap today!

My rough day actually started last night when i couldn’t go to sleep. When i finally did get to sleep the kids woke me up. Then I couldn’t get back to sleep. And the night ended early with both kids wide awake at 5:45 this morning.

I tried to get the day going right. We ate breakfast and the kids asked to watch a movie. I snuggled Gracie and dozed for a bit. Then I started one of three loads of laundry for the day. With the washer doing it’s thing I wanted to get started on a pan of fudge to take to church tonight. I’ve had my mouth wrapped around this fudge for a week! …I couldn’t make fudge. I had purchased 2 cans of Eagle Brand 2 weeks ago in anticipation of holiday baking. I needed evaporated milk. I had none. I’ve been to town every day this week. I was NOT going again.

Okay, so now what to take for potluck at church? I decided on making my grandmother’s super yummy lemon pie recipe. The one that does call for Eagle Brand milk. I got started on the crust. I had no oil. Melted margarine it is. I’ve never tried it that way before, but here we go. The crust looked fine. I began beating an egg white to fold into my lemon pie. Wouldn’t get stiff. I beat it on high. Still not getting stiff. I beat it by hand…. I gave up and poured a not stiff white into the pie. I started beating egg whites for the cow slobber (yea, I’m from the south, y’all.) I’ve made dozens of pies, people. I know how to make cow slobber. Those egg white refused to get stiff. I beat them until my mixer smelled hot…given how my day was going, I gave up before the mixer died, or caught fire. I poured very un-stiff egg whites over my pie and baked it. It came out looking awful!

By now, it’s 10 o’clock and both kids are super cranky. I fed them a snack and put them down for naps. Then I ate a bite and tried to lay down too. Couldn’t sleep. I had a tension headache like no other, and closing my eyes made it worse. I tossed and turned. Finally, I scooped up a puddle of Gracie to snuggle. That calmed my headache enough to let me at least doze.

It’s after 4pm now, and I’m telling you my day is still not looking up. I made a meatloaf to take in place of the fudge, and pie that were both failures. I painted a chair. I put clean sheets on beds. Those are my accomplishments so far.

Here’s hoping the last 6 hours of the day before bed time, go better than the first.

*** Edit: My day did not get better. It got worse. I ate a piece of the ugly pie. Apparently, pregnancy has made me allergic to lemons. We got half way to church and I had to puke my guts out. Eating hurt. We left before Bible study even started.