What’s in a Name

Baby number three is getting ever closer. While we still have almost 4.5 months to go, it feels like that may not be enough time to pick a name for our new little one.

Our first two children practically named themselves, since we had friends and relatives we wanted them named after. Baby three has not been nearly so easy. While we do know the baby is a girl (Yay for adorable baby girl clothes!) that hasn’t exactly helped us settle on a name.

Right now we remain in a stalemate, mostly brought on by a middle name that I am incredibly attached to. I came across it by accident a couple of years ago, and fell in love. Joell. It’s so sweet. Feminine, but not overly “girly.” I just love it. But every name I come up with to use it is shot down. Summer Joell was “too hippy.” Molly Joell doesn’t have a good “yell factor” (???). And Samantha Joell was “eh.”

We have even reverted to comparing the meaning of all names to see if we can agree on a name meaning. Hubby wants Sarah Faith which means “princess; faith.” Joell means “Jehovah is God”… so I can hardly see how that isn’t a fitting name. After all our first children are “divine; gift of God” and “Beloved friend; swift.”

At any rate, I am glad we have 4 more months to settle on a name. And Brandon is still hoping we find out baby is really a boy…too bad we don’t have a boy name picked either!


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