Breaking the Mold

Towards the end of June we found out we were expecting Blessing number 3!

I think I might be more excited this time than I was when we found out about number 2. Don’t take that wrong; I ADORE my little man. But I really worried how I would hold up as a mom once I had more than one child. This time, I’m still nervous about adding a child to the mix. I’m also WAY excited!!

To be honest, I’m still not sure I’m doing much of anything right as a 21st century mom. I was thinking the other day and realized *I’m going to have THREE kids*… I’m not sure why that is such a shock. Math isn’t really that hard after all. I guess most days I don’t feel old enough to be a mom at all, let alone a mother of 3.

I still picture myself as that college girl who was going to conquer the world… well, Kilgore College anyway. I still haven’t “outgrown” my high school wardrobe and pony tail. I’d still prefer my ol’ loud, pick-up over an SUV. Pizza should be a larger part of a healthy diet. And I still haven’t (probably never will) learned to hold my tongue when I see something stupid going down. How can I be expected to raise decent human beings?! Some how, I’ve been tasked with raising, training, teaching, molding, and releasing another generation of adults into the world. (Scary enough without considering the world I’ll be releasing them to.)

Some wise-cracker on Facebook the other day was going off about how “millennials shouldn’t reproduce.” He thoroughly ticked me off. Not because I’m a millennial. Because, based on his profile picture he is only one generation older than me. I have no problem admitting that *many,* not all, millennialsĀ  are self centered, entitled, lazy, etc. My problem is that the generation didn’t get there on their own. No, the generation before us…those guys RAISED us. So the guy going off on Facebook? Well, unless he has no children at all and has never in any way shape or form done one single thing around children; he can just look in the mirror. We had parents! Or grandparents. Some one raised us! And the ones that gave a dern (like my parents and those of many of my friends) they raised us right. The ones who didn’t care; or who so mistakenly believed their only job was to make their kids happy and provide every tiny request… those parents created the millennial generation so despised by the world. It has nothing to do with when we were born and everything to do with how we were raised.

That whole paragraph just to say I do not intend to turn out 3 more adults who think the world owes them something just because they exist. My children will, in fact already do, work for things. They will have chores to do; not for pay, but because when you are an adult there are things you must do at home, that no one will ever pay you for (take out the trash and clean the potty, for example.) My children will learn to take responsibility for their actions. Yes, that means I tell my children things are their fault on occasion. My kids will be taught respect, manners, and morals. If in the end they walk away from those things; I ultimately have no control over that. But it is my very most important job to make sure that all of those things are instilled in their minds.

If the current standard is to allow kids to be kids. To not interfere with their play time. To never hold them accountable… Then it is time for us to break that mold. To return to raising adults, instead of full size children.


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