June OCC Inspiration

For the Month of June Canyon Country Church will be focusing on collecting Operation Christmas Child items for 10-14 year old boys. And just like the months before I went to Walmart for some inspirational shopping. Below are the items I recommend collecting. These are just ideas. Loads more ideas can be found by searching Operation Christmas Child on Google or Pintrest.



It can be difficult to find clothing that will fit in official OCC boxes. They are very small; for that reason, i am looking to order boxes from another source this year so that we can include clothes in more boxes. That being said, a pair of jeans, or nice sneakers are still just too big… unfortunately. I recommend athletic type clothes, because they can be folded so much smaller. These medium shorts were $6.84. The bright, medium shirt was around $3. (Remember to avoid graphics and words that won’t translate well to another language or culture. Solids, stripes, and plaids are great.) I’ve misplaced my receipt…again. So I’m not certain on prices for the socks and underwear. Obviously belts and athletic pants aren’t a really good combination, but belts do make nice gifts. this set of two will go to brighten the faces of two young men, for only $6.88. And, of course, the $.98 flip-flops.

Fun gifts

Just like with the 10-14 year old girls, I opted to go with more practical gifts for the oldest group of boys. The pretty kitchen towels are an inexpensive way to bless a child. The single green towel was around $2, and the set of 5 was around $8. This package of 10 flashlights and batteries was right at (or maybe a little over) $10, in the camping section. That’s a pretty good bargain to get gifts for 10 different boxes at once.  I chose to get a role of fishing line and a box of assorted fish hooks as well. Fishing is as a lively-hood is still pretty common in many places around the globe. A well thought out fishing kit could be a huge blessing…or just a little fun. The pocket fan was $1, and just seemed like the perfect way to cool off, and entertain a fellow for a while. Tools can also be included in the shoe box gifts. Just remember no knives, or saws.

This can be a fun age group to shop for. It can also be a challenge. With Summer vacation we all tend to get busy with our own lives. Please don’t let children across the globe suffer for that. It’s simple to grab a few extra items when you are already shopping anyway.


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