Actions Speak Louder than Words

Summer is just around the corner! By next week your kids will be yours for the summer… and for some your schedule will be more relaxed. Stay at home moms will no longer be working against a clock to get up and have kids out the door early every morning. There may be a week of summer camp where you have the whole house to yourself. Maybe you don’t have kids of your own yet, because you are still in college yourself. Or maybe you do have kids but are in college and get a little break for a few months.

Regardless, summer tends to bring an air of laziness to most homes. And I mean that in a good way! It’s great to slow down and unwind. It’s important to spend time with your children; or doing things for yourself. But we can go too far in relaxing our standards.

With Summer vacation so close, my Facebook and Pintrest are both blowing up with all the cute little “Before you XYZ, have you 1,2,3?” type lists. These lists promise children all of one thing as long as they complete a list of other things. For example: All the screen time you want, as long as you have cleaned your room, read for an hour, played outside for an hour, done something creative, and done the chore of mom’s choice.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the idea here that kids need to be more active, and such during the summer. My problem is I have yet to see a list for mom. What makes us think we can teach our children to be responsible if we aren’t setting the example? It won’t work. We have to SHOW our kids how to be grown-ups. So here is my list for moms… And it might just help you set up a system that will keep you more in check, and sane during the next school year too!

Before you read novels, open Pintrest, spend an hour on Facebook, take a nap, or turn on Netflix; have you:

  • Done a load of laundry, washed dishes, swept/vacuumed, or cleaned a bath room?
  • Spent an hour outside (walking, lawn work, watching the kids play…even a picnic)
  • Read something educational (news article, chapter of a non-fiction book, etc)
  • Played or worked with children for at least an hour
  • Baked or done something crafty

There you have it ladies (and dads too, I might add.) A tidy little list for setting a better example this summer.


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