I’m Not the Mom I Thought I’d Be

Sweet little home made dresses billowing behind giggling girls swinging in the sunshine. Rows of clean laundry, and cloth diapers flapping in the breeze. Hot supper, of fresh picked garden treasures on the table when the kids cheer “daddy’s home!”……..

That was the mom I thought I would be. But it certainly isn’t who I am.

No. I’m the mom typing a blog on a phone, while eating a sundae at the Sonic drive-in, at 9:45 on a Thursday night.

I’m the mom who remembers there was a fit that led to a spanking today, but can’t fir the life of me recall what the fit was about.

I’m the mom who calls a fruit cup lunch….And a bowl of cereal breakfast.

I’m the mom looking frazzled and exhausted. And complaining to my husband because I’m overwhelmed.

No. I’m certainly not the mom I thought I’d be. I still aspire to be that mom. To actually bake those amazing biscuits for breakfast. To line dry our clothes, and make more sweet dresses.

Maybe some day I’ll be that mom… For now I’ll be the mom of a little girl who suddenly grasped potty training, and went from wet pull-up, to dry big girl pants – day and night – in just 2 weeks.

I’ll be the mom of a little boy who gives the very best hugs.

I’ll be the mom who puts the kids in “swimming soups” to play in the water.

I’ll be the mom who make 2 matching plates of hot dogs and cheetos for lunch.

I’ll be the mom who gives more kisses and praises, than spankings and time outs.

And I’ll be the mom who writes blogs at Sonic… The internet is better here anyway.


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