May Operation Christmas Child Ideas

I’m running a little late posting this, but here it is!

The month of May is dedicated to collecting things for 10-14 year old girls. This can be a tricky age to shop for. It’s hard to know what a 14 year old girl we have never met, might want as a gift. The truth is, most of the children who receive gifts through Operations Christmas Child need so many things, that almost any gift will be a blessing. Like the months before I have shopped and found some things I recommend for the shoe boxes.




The shoe boxes that can be ordered from Samaritans purse are pretty small. That makes shopping for older kids tough, because the clothes need to be bigger. I recommend something like this shirt, leggings set. Both are soft and can be rolled fairly small. A simple dress, or skirt would also be appropriate. This set is size 8 and was $8.74 at Wal-Mart. Socks and panties are also great to put in each box. This package of size 10 briefs is perfect. And the package of size M socks is also a great buy. (Sorry, some of my prices are missing… I misplaced my receipt.)

Shoes and Accessories


Unfortunately, shoes are really hard for this age group. They are just too big to fit in the box with many other gifts. $.98 flip-flops are good compromise over nicer shoes, unless you are using larger boxes. The set of 4 bright colored necklaces make fun “filler” gifts for this age. They were only $4.88. Bright colored bandanas can be very useful; and they are only $1! This neat little purse is sure to bring a smile to a young lady across the globe. This one was in the girls clothing department for $5.47.

Fun Gifts


Gifts for this age can be more along the line of small tools or other useful items. I read in Franklin Graham’s book Operation Christmas Child, how a young boy was ecstatic to find his own “towel” in his box. He was in a orphanage and all the children shared just 1 or 2 towels. He said he was later told what he had was actually a wash cloth.Can you imagine even one child drying off with a rag? But we can assume from his story that the towels they all shared could not have been too much bigger than a rag. With that in mind, I think hand towels (around $2); or even bright, fun kitchen towels will make super gifts for this age group! I also suggest a small sewing kit (around $1) and some fabric (around $5-7). Any box with a sewing kit should also receive a pair of school scissors, for cutting fabric.

These are all simple gifts, and none of them are expensive, but they may very well change the course of a child’s life by bringing them to knowledge of the Love of God.


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