A place for Everything

Here is some food for thought on this Monday morning!

Ladies, there is a place for everything. And everything should be in it’s place. This goes for your boobs too. I’m so sick of being flashed in public — even at church of all places! Put ’em away. Please.

Before you start thinking I’m just jealous of other women’s figures. I’m not. I’m only 26. After nursing 2 babies, the girls are still pretty perky. My husband says they look great. But that’s for him to say. And not for you to see. No, I’m not jealous at all. Disgusted maybe? Okay, that’s a pretty strong word. Offended for sure. I don’t care if you are young, or old; married, dating, or single. Quit sharing them.

Here’s the deal. We all know you have boobs. We don’t have to see them for proof. When you try on clothes, or get dressed in the morning; do us the favor of looking in the mirror. I’m not saying wear turtle necks every day, forever. (I HATE turtle necks!) Just make sure at LEAST 3/4 of those puppies are left for the imagination!

This is a good rule of thumb, for married women. When you buy something new, before taking the tags off, model for your husband. You know “that look.” If that comes across his face, the top is just too low. If you can’t read his face, then ask if he would be okay with you wearing the garment to go hang out with him and his all male group of friends. If he says “no,” see if you can add a layer under it, other wise return it and try again.

For single ladies, think what your dad, brother, or maybe grandad might say about what you have on. If you think they would question it, or be uncomfortable talking to you while you have it on, then the rest of us don’t need to see so much either.

Both of the rules above apply to garments that may be too tight, too short, or too anything else, as well. Modesty, can be so much more attractive than dressing like a clown.

I know most of this sounded pretty harsh, and perhaps embarrassing. I rather intended for it to come across that way. It’s so important that we respect ourselves enough to dress well. I’m not talking about being fashion forward, and on trend; I am NONE of those things. I’m talking about honoring ourselves, and our husbands (or future husbands)  by saving our bodies just for them.



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