OCC: 2-4 year old boys

Last month I wrote about collecting things for Operation Christmas Child shoe box gifts going to 2-4 year old girls. This month (March) I will be coordinating church collections of things for 2-4 year old boys. Just as I did last month, I’ve gone to Walmart and collected things to be included in the shoe box gifts. Again, no single item costs more than $10 and most cost $5 or less. Remember children receiving shoe box gifts are living in extreme poverty. They do not need cheap gifts that will break right away. So here are some good, quality ideas guaranteed to bring a smile to a little boy’s face.



I don’t think I can stress enough how special it would be for these little boys to have NEW, clean clothes. So often we want to help others by donating our old things. And there is nothing wrong with that; but imagine if you had never had a single brand new shirt in your whole life. Then some one you never even met sent you one. That would be huge. Huge!

A lot of people find it very hard to shop for clothes for a child they have never met. This is understandable. I try to shop on the middle to high end of a size range; in this case, 3T pants and shirt. Stick with fun colors (NO CAMO) and neat designs but try to avoid words or cultural references. A child who does not speak English may not want to wear clothes with words he does not understand. And movie or TV characters don’t always translate well. Solids, Stripes, or sport type themes are great.

The shirt in the picture was $3.88. And the pants were the same price.



It may seem like an odd gift to send to a perfect stranger, but this is a much needed item. I shop for the middle to high size range here too. This package of 6, size 4T briefs was $3.50.

Socks and Shoes:


Lots of people buy flip flops to go in OCC boxes. There is nothing wrong with that but it’s good to step it up a notch. Sure flip flops beat going barefoot, but real shoes are even better! Little boys shoes can some times be hard to find. For this age range a solid red, black, white, etc pair of girls Keds type shoes would also be great. Socks are also great. Especially if the box finds it’s way to a colder climate.

These little shoes are size 5-6 and were on sale for $2.00. The socks are for 3-5 years and were $2.50.



I don’t know about you, but I can’t sleep with out a blanket. Maybe even more than one. And I certainly like my children to have blankets. However, many children who receive shoe box gifts do not have a blanket, a bed, or even a home. Imagine the comfort of a soft, clean blanket to wrap up in. Baby receiving blankets are the perfect size to put in a shoe box, and they aren’t that expensive since you can get 4 for $7.97 at Walmart.



Blocks, balls, and cars! So much fun for little boys. I love this little box of blocks. It’s a small set but just the right size to fit in a shoe box. I found it for $5.96 in the toy department at Walmart. The bag of 12 tennis balls was $7.97. The 2 soft Nerf balls were just $2.97 each. And these cars are perfection! Yes, you can just bring matchbox cars but these are sturdier for driving in sand and rocks, instead of across a nice living room rug. The set of 3 is only $4.97.

Stuffed Animals:


These tiny and very adorable little animals are in the Easter section at Walmart. And they’re just $.98!!! (You don’t have to go broke to pack a shoe box.) They also have some that are slightly larger for $2.98. Remember to keep animals small enough to fit in the box with other goodies.

Cups, bowls, and spoons:


Operation Christmas Child organizers stress that many children have never had a cup of their own and how excited the children get to find such a treasure in their box. These cups can be found in a variety of styles and colors depending on the nearest holiday. It’s only $.98 for 4 of them… Do the math, that’s a REALLY cheap way to send a smile!

So there you have my Operation Christmas Child ideas for 2-4 year old Boys. My church (Canyon Country Church, in Canyon, TX) will be collecting these things through out the month of March. Happy shopping. And don’t forget to pray for the children as you shop!



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