Post Partum Depression Sucks

Depression period sucks. Really. But post partum depression… You’re supposed to be happy. You have tiny, smiling people depending on you.

But you’re not happy. Not most days. Most days the kids want to snuggle, and read, and play. And you just want to shut out the world. Be left alone. Sleep. Eat. Some days you want to shop. Shop for big expensive things. Maybe then you’d smile. Probably not.

People think you’re fine. You’re own family doesn’t see that your brain says things that aren’t logical. How it really does seem logical to leave the kids some where and just disappear. Just run away. The only reason you don’t is one kid still depends on you for food and the other would never understand.

Sure there’s medication. But ot isn’t a cure. Often not even a good cover.

Post Partum Depression sucks.











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