Books, Bikes, and a Blistered Bum

Welcome to 2016!

Like most people the new year represents a fresh start for me. It’s a time to start new, and better habits. And perhaps a time to break a few old, bad habits. This year I really only have one goal, but I set myself up on a 2 step program to achieve that goal. I want to be a happier me in 2016.

As a mom I often find myself stressed to the max and snapping at my family. More often than not, my children and/or my husband take the heat when I’m really just frustrated with situations. I recently began thinking of ways I could lower my own stress level. The first thing that came to mind was I could win a billion, tax free dollars… that didn’t seem to likely so I scaled back to things I could do to relieve stress instead.

I realized that for the last few years I have been functioning in a permanent state of sleep deprivation. Some people, my husband for one, seem to be able to thrive on little sleep. I am not one of those people. Our children still haven’t grasped the whole sleeping through the night thing. And taking a nap every single day leaves me no room to quietly work on any projects. So the first step in my 2 step program is: GET MORE SLEEP AT NIGHT. Um…duh.

I’ve spent 3.5 years of marriage waiting up for hubby to get tired and be ready to come to bed. “Go to bed at the same time.” That was the advice we were given… hooey on that. I’m a living demon I’m so tired some days; so now, I just go to bed. He comes when he’s ready. The other night that was like 12:30… The next morning he was so excited because he had worked for a solid 2 hours and gotten soooo much done. It’s a win/win!

I also realized that I haven’t had a good exercise program since Gracie was born 2.5 years ago. I’m a high energy person, y’all. I find myself wanting to just go ninja master because the cat nearly tripped me. The problem isn’t so much the cat (although a brain transplant might help the idjit some.) The problem is I’ve had no way to burn off steam. So the second step is: GET REGULAR EXERCISE. Duh, again.

So, January first we made a trip to Lubbock where I purchased an ancient, ugly exercise bike for $30. This bike is certainly no looker. It’s a dingy orange-ish red, with Teetee on the cement seat. (For those of you who aren’t Texas Aggie fans, that means it has the Texas Tech TT symbol painted on the seat… also I don’t think the seat is actually cement, just something similar. I have to exercise in brief spurts to allow circulation to return to my legs. The seat is so hard it can quickly lead to saddle soars that must rival what one might suffer if one was to ride the entire Chisholm Trail in a day.)

Anyway, I love my bike. Not only do I get to burn a little extra energy, I get to read too. I’ve already finished one short book this year and am nearly done with the second. I just peddle and read; read and peddle. It’s fabulous. I’ve heard it said that reading just one non-fiction book a month in a particular field, can conceivably make you an expert in that field in just a year! Wow. I’m gonna be a genius, you guys!

I’m going to be a well rested, better exercised, happier, genius in 2016… What are you going to be?!


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