Nursing (not) Alone

I’m with you, ladies.

As you sit in a musty spare room, where your momma once slept, at Grandma’s house- I’m with you.

As you sit in the car outside a restaurant — I’m with you.

As you listen from a darkened dining room while laughter peels from a room full of family — I’m with you.

As a tear rolls down your face when you hear your other children begin to open presents from aunts and uncles, friends and family — I’m with you.

Nursing can feel lonely, especially this time of year. Holiday parties, and family gatherings; with “those people”… You know the ones. The silent look that says your breastfeeding habbits better belong in another room. Some of them even loudly voice those opinions. But I’m with you in that far room away from the party. I’m nursing there too. And so are plenty of other women across the nation.

Merry Christmas, you fabulous ladies. I know this one sacrifice is hard now, but it’s worth it.