A Rock Named Courage


Gracie brought me this little rock one day as we were out walking around in the sun. You know how children love to give trinkets and gifts. I get rocks all the time. I always say thank you for my humble gift, carry it a while, then drop it.

I kept this one though, because it came with a name. “Here, Momma. It’s your courage.”

When a 2 year old gives you Courage…well…

Gracie has an extensive vocabulary for her age; she picks up new words all the time and we often wonder where she gets them, and how she knows to use them correctly. I assume this new word came from one of her favorite movies – a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse version of The Wizard of Oz.

Regaurdless of where she heard the word, little Gracie chose to give me Courage that day.

I think we all need a little more courage today. We need courage to do what is right despite strong opposition. We need courage to speak our minds; and then stand by what we say. We need courage to trust people who are different than ourselves. We need courage to love. To give even when we feel stretched thin. To be bold. To be ourselves. We need courage.

So, I keep my little rock named Courage. It sits in a small wooden bowl beside the sink. Right in there with chapstick and a ring or two.

I see my little rock everyday. It’s a good reminder to be Courageous.














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