A New Tradition

All traditions have to start some where. And all new families have to create their own. I’m so excited about our new “tradition,” starting this year. I know it’s too early for a lot of people to be thinking about Christmas, but mother’s start planning and shopping early (at least this mother does!) And I wanted to share this idea in time for others to adopt it as well.

Our little family of four lives in the Texas Panhandle, but our parents, grandparents, and siblings are all waaaay across the state in the piney woods of East Texas. This means holiday traveling every year. We have learned to rotate and not try to make all of the events. For example we go home for Thanksgiving in even years, and we go for Christmas in odd years. But even not trying to go for every event it can be hard to have good stable traditions. We can’t put the tree up on Thanksgiving every year. Nor could we haul 7-10 wrapped books back with us to open every night leading to Christmas Eve (though, that sounds like an awesome tradition and I’m jealous of the folks who get to do that one.) Our traditions have to be simple; and that is exactly what this new one is.


Starting this year, and from now on, every year at least until the children are grown (probably longer =) ) we will be getting new Christmas PJs on thanksgiving! What mom doesn’t love shopping for adorable jammies for her little ones?! And of course, we love the Christmas PJs, with Santa, snow flakes, and bright red and green. But really it makes no sense to buy them if your kids don’t get to wear them BEFORE Christmas Eve! The way I see it, jammies are a must. Our kiddos need something warm to sleep in, and if they wear Santa for 2 months after Christmas, I’m okay with that. This is a simple thing that I can do every year, no matter where we spend Thanksgiving.

I can’t wait to take pictures of my babies all decked out in the latest holiday bed time fashion!


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